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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5 - I *finally* went grocery shopping!

It was leftovers AGAIN today. So, I bit the bullet, put Linds to bed early, downloaded an episode of Preston & Steve to my phone to listen to, bought a decaf coffee, and went to Wegmans around 8:00 tonight. It's a bitch going out that late, but the fact that the snobby Main Line customers aren't there (hell, NO ONE is there!) makes it tolerable...and not having the kids there with me makes it even more tolerable! Bought my usual 10 meals worth of items (I menu plan for 10 meals which lasts us at least 2 or 3 weeks at a time) and then the obligatory breakfast and lunch items and it only came to $137 (used $7 worth of coupons - yay!).

I'm pretty excited about what we'll be eating (baked potato pizza, chili, mixed-up enchiladas, chicken & dumplings, and pasta primavera, just to name a few!). Tomorrow I'll be doing the baked potato pizza for both myself and a friend who recently had a baby.

On the Luke front, the kid housed some serious solid food today! He ate a 1/2 Gerber container of green beans and another 1/2 container of pears. I bought 16 jars of Beech Nut 2nd stage food, too, that I hope he'll enjoy (nothing with rice or peaches), as well as some Gerber puffs (sweet potato flavor that he ate three of tonight and managed to get down). He's still not nursing, but he's eating almost 5 ounces at a time?!? I pumped just enough today to cover his milk habit. I tried nursing a few times with him, but nothing came about of it - just refused altogether. I'm trying hard not to get discouraged or frustrated, but honestly, it isn't easy. Any and all encouragement or advice is welcome right now!

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