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*~About Me~*

I wear many, many hats in this amazing little life of first, and foremost identity is mom. I have three adorable, brilliant children that are the lights of my life: Lindsay (born 12/21/06), Lukas (born 5/25/09) and Jakob (born 5/13/12). The hubs...the one so often referred to as "the boy" (Scott)...has been my sidekick officially since June 5, 2004, although we dated four years before that (and had a brief relationship two years before that!).

When I just get to "be me," I spend my time running (I ran the 10-mile Broad Street marathon and finished in about 90 minutes - super excited about that!) or working out (I'm a gym rat now and love taking group exercise classes at the Y like body pump, body combat, boot camp, etc.). When not getting myself all sweaty, I love to read, watch whatever sports the boy has turned on, plan some sort of a party (whether just for a couple people, or a big bash for many), cook, bake, or enjoy a bottle glass of wine.
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