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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan. 10 - Wicked & Misconduct Tavern

On Sunday, my mom, sister and I *finally* celebrated my mom's birthday (only 7 months late?!?) with a trip to Philadelphia to see Wicked. The show was absolutely incredible...we all loved it! The matinée show ran from 1:00 to about 4:00, so afterwards we decided to grab dinner at Misconduct Tavern, which was right down the street. This was the first bar my sister ever went to when she moved down to Philly, so it held some nostalgia for her. The food was amazing - we split two entrées and two appetizers...and polished off EVERYTHING! We had crab and artichoke bruschetta, onion rings with a peppercorn dipping sauce, grilled cheese (melted gruyere and provolone on brioche with sweet pepper relish), and (my favorite of the night!) pears and brie served on a baguette with a chunky apple-walnut spread. I also enjoyed a couple glasses of Victory's Helios Saison beer. After all that food, though, I feel like I'm a thousand pounds heavier than I was a day ago! Tonight I'm making some pasta primavera so I can get in some much-needed veggies.

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