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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. 16/17 - Leftovers & Date Day!

On Saturday, we were at my in-laws' to celebrate my MIL's birthday and spent the afternoon snacking on pizza, chips and pretzels. By the time we got home we weren't too hungry, so we skipped a big dinner and just ate some leftovers.

Today, the boy and I have our first "date day" in what seems like years (I'm probably exaggerating just a tad), so we won't be around for lunch or dinner. We've got a "lupper" reservation for 3 p.m. at El Vez (Restaurant Week in the excited to eat here!) and then we're going to see Body Worlds 2 at the Franklin Institute. Since we're eating a large mid-day meal, I'm cooking up some scrambled eggs and hashbrowns for breakfast.

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