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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wegmans Savings - 4/9

I missed out on a killer deal on Huggies diapers at CVS the week before last, and was totally bummed that I missed it. I had printed four $3 off coupons and was ready to get jumbo packs of diapers for the equivalent of $3.50! What a find!

So, Friday morning, I'm surfing the internet, looking for sales at the local grocery stores to see what kind of good buys are out there. I started looking up diaper prices at a few places and popped onto Wegmans' website. Lo and behold, there are jumbo packs of diapers advertised for $3.26?!? I did a double take, not believing it. They were on size 6 diapers (Linds still uses size 5 at night, although she's on the cusp of size 6), so even though they weren't exactly what we currently use, they were already cheaper than the CVS buy AND I could use my coupon!

In the end, I got 26 diapers for a mere 26 cents. Seriously, you can't beat that deal - that's practically FREE diapers! Originally priced at $8.99, that's a savings of more than 97%. Thank you, Wegmans!

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