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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Apr. 11 - Late Lunch & Snacks

We had no plans for today, but haven't had a "family day" in quite some time. I try to encourage (a.k.a. force) us all to get out of the house once a month or once every other month for some quality time with each other in a different environment. One time we went down to North East, Md. and played at the beach of a state park, another time we traveled to Philadelphia to have dinner with family, another time we picked peaches and apples at an orchard - they aren't always glamorous or filled with lots of adventure, but the purpose is to reconnect with each other and create some good ol' fashioned memories!

Today, we decided to go to the Reading Phillies game (a minor league team about 45 minutes north of where we are). We piled into the car, made the trek up and with about two minutes until arrival, Linds started puking her guts out. Poor little thing had it all over herself, the car, Baby (her doll), the portable DVD player, and, of course, me. We figured it was just carsickness and tried out the game. We didn't even make it 20 minutes before she threw up in Scott's hands, and then mine, and then again inside the car on the drive home. By the time we got back, it was 2:00, no one had eaten lunch and poor Miss L needed a bath, a barf bucket and a bed.

We haven't had dinner yet, and likely won't, so I may snack on some cheese and crackers. Poor Linds, though - she was a real trooper. This is the only photo I got at the game.

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