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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jello Shots!

Tomorrow is Mom's Night Out (wahoooooo!), and I signed up to bring a bottle of wine. Well, I started thinking about it and figured that there will be plenty of beer and wine to partake in, why not do something unique?! So, I decided to make Jello shots! And these are no ordinary Jello shots...

The first set I made were pretty basic - raspberry gelatin and Stoli Razberi (raspberry flavored vodka). The recipe is simple - substitute 1/2 the water for vodka - although it may have a few extra splashes of vodka since I'm not one to skimp on the fun!

The second kind I made were Captain-n-Coke shots. Instead of using water, I boiled Coke Zero (1 cup), dissolved cherry gelatin in it, then mixed in some Captain (1 cup). Well, okay, it's Admiral Nelson. The cheaper knock-off (BUT, to my defense, it has a higher amount of alcohol). I did try reaching for the boy's Private Stock, but was given a stern look and knew better than to even think about it.

The last kind is the one I'm most hopeful about. They're margarita Jello shots! As many of you know, during the summertime, margaritas are my drink of choice (and I'm not one to turn them down the rest of the year either, just so you know). I was going to do lime Jello (or even the margarita-flavored Jello) and tequila, but seriously, that's a cop out. A margarita is a sophisticated drink with many components - each which should be celebrated and enjoyed even in shot form. I used a recipe I found online (had to halve it though because I only had 3 oz. of Jello) and want to give them a shoutout - This guy doesn't know me, but dude has a great recipe and deserves some love for sharing it with me! PS: read his directions. Seriously, I was dying the entire time. Out of respect for his content, I'm not going to lift it; instead, visit his blog and try out his recipe. I don't think you'll regret it!

Can't wait to see how these turn out tomorrow!

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

You should have made pudding shots too! Yum!

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