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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Apr. 17 - Big lunch & snacks

Linds was feeling better, so we had a "ladies day" and spent the morning and afternoon at the mall! I realized I had almost nothing that fit for this summer (seeing as I spent last summer in that awkward, post-partum size). Lindsay's idol My friend Sarah and her son, Christian (haha - yes, my daughter worships this woman!) joined us for our excursion and we all shopped 'til we dropped. Mid-way through we grabbed lunch at the Winner's Circle Sports Grille and split a BBQ chicken salad and buffalo chicken wrap with Anna Kournikova sauce (super hot sauce - yum!). It was a fab meal and was the perfect break from our shopping. Since we didn't finish up until 2 p.m. or so, I wasn't too hungry for dinner, and the boy went out with some old high school friends tonight, so he really didn't need to eat either. My food supply is dipping dangerously low, though...looks like I might have a Wegmans trip in my near future!

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