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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apr. 2 - Hersheypark!!

Friday was Hersheypark day!! Linds, Luke and I went with my little brother (Zach) and his girlfriend (Rachel). They were awesome sports - chasing after the kids all day, squeezing onto the itty bitty kiddie rides, putting up with the crazy crowds... and seemingly loved it all?! My kids ARE darling, but after an entire day of them, I can understand wanting to run the opposite direction - but not Uncle Zach & Aunt Rachel!

We ate at the park since we were there from 1 - 9 p.m. We debated what to eat and decided on good ol' Minetown Vittles - the ONLY place in the park where you can not only get a burger and fries, but also an ice cold beer. Rachel and Linds split a personal pizza, Zach and I each ate a bacon cheeseburger and Landsharks, and Luke ate a few of the french fries that the rest of us shared. We had such a fantastic time...I absolutely love spending time with my little brother and his girlfriend...and watching the kids' have a blast on the rides was priceless. I always laughed at my mom for saying her favorite part of a trip to Hersheypark was seeing us have fun, but now I know EXACTLY what she meant. I guess that makes me a true mom!

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