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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mar. 3 - Loaded Baked Potatoes

I've been hungry for a baked potato lately, so I thought I'd turn it into a meal and make loaded baked potatoes and do a salad, too. It was a hit! They tasted fantastic and the toppings were delicious. I bought two of the microwavable baked potatoes (you nuke them for 8 minutes a piece or 12 minutes if doing them at the same time) and I was skeptical about their taste, but they were perfect. A nice, easier way to make the potato without feeling like you have to start dinner before you even had lunch.

We topped ours off with bacon (which I cooked in the oven - 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes), cheese, sour cream and chives. I was going to do some broccoli, too, but forgot until we sat down. Go figure?!? The boy and Linds scarfed them down, so we'll have to do that again soon. I'm going to label this as a vegetarian meal despite the bacon we had on ours since it can easily be adapted. Here's my potato and salad:
Oh, and if you're interested, my salad was bagged romaine lettuce (the kind with the cabbage and carrots), Craisins, bleu cheese and fat-free/5-calorie basalmic vinaigrette (it is my favorite salad dressing!).

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