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Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb. 28 - Domino's

I was ready to cook, but the boy requested some Domino's, and laziness won out. I used to HATE Domino's with a passion - like, honestly, blech, yuck, hate. But since they've redone their recipe - oh my gosh, it's fantastic! The hand-crossed crust is like a garlic bread and I've always enjoyed their thin-crust style. They're running a deal for 2 mediums for $5.99 each, so the boy's pizza was the hand-tossed crust with extra cheese and sliced Italian sausage, while I got a thin crust with the white sauce (it's not's more like a lighter Parmesan-garlic sauce) with spinach and feta cheese. I feel infinitely less guilty when I eat the thin-crust pizza, and now that they have spinach as a topping, it *really* feels like I'm not binging on a ton of calories and fat.

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