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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mar. 24 - Baked Ziti

I froze a batch of ziti a few weeks back when I made some for a fellow MOMS Club member who had a baby, and I knew I wanted to grocery shop as soon as the boy came home, so I figured that would be the perfect quick, easy meal. Well, Linds and I ended up snacking on soft pretzels at the mall today and by the time we got home neither wanted to eat. I think the boy heated some up, but I'm not even sure?! He'll be eating it tomorrow when I make black bean pie (recipe courtesy of my friend, Barb, who made it for me right after I had Luke) - the boy does NOT do vegetarian dishes. ::sigh:: I'll convert him someday to the deliciousness of non-meat dishes! I'll also repost the recipe tomorrow :)

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