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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mar. 14 - Uno Chicago Grill

We had a gift certificate for Uno Chicago Grill and decided to have a "family afternoon" and go bowling and have dinner there. We wanted to hit up the BounceU in Exton, but they only had open bounce early in the afternoon, which would have conflicted with naptime. I'm not usually a schedule freak and don't mind skipping a nap here and there, but these two were in desperate need of a nap by noon, so bowling it was! The boy isn't a bad bowler (nothing hugely impressive, but not too shabby), and I'm pretty crappy at it, but somehow I won by 6 points. Linds even impressed us with her skills - both using the ramp and rolling it down the lane.
After bowling, we headed over to Pizzeria Uno and had our dinner. Linds got some mac-n-cheese, but spent most of her meal eating Scott's and my calamari appetizer. We also split their pizza skins (deep dish pizza crust filled with mashed red potatoes, cheese, bacon, sour cream and chives) and lobster sliders (lobster in a mayo sauce with lettuce on slider buns). The calamari was as good as you can get in a non-seafood chain restaurant, the pizza skins were absolutely delicious (and probably a good million calories or so?!?) and the sliders would have been better with far less mayo (and I love me some mayo!). The boy and I also split a pitcher of sangria which was excellent (and gave us about 6 glasses in the $15 pitcher - not bad at all). All in all, it was a decent meal and a great adventure of a day!

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