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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb. 25 - The Big Salad

Every time I have a "big salad," I think of the Seinfeld episode when George buys Elaine the big salad, but his girlfriend at the time takes credit, much to his dismay. It also reminds me of "The Soup" episode when they go to Reggie's Diner and Elaine orders a big salad. The waitress (Hilde) looks at her confused and Elaine quips, "It's a salad. Only bigger. With lots of stuff in it." Hilde then offers her two small salads.

Alas, if Hilde actually understood the concept and delectability of the Big Salad she would have realized two small salads just doesn't cut it. The Big Salad must come in a large bowl and contain lots of different add-ins. We started our salads off tonight with some bagged romaine salad with shredded carrots and purple cabbage. The boy added a grilled chicken breast, tons of cheddar cheese, croutons, and an inordinate amount of 1000 Island dressing to his. I used some of the leftover rib meat, corn, bleu cheese and a dressing mix of bleu cheese and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (the same I used on the rib meat) was an odd combination of things, but all together it tasted pretty darn good!

Of course, I had to wash it down with a brickle drop cookie for dessert.

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