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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After working in Hershey for nearly six years straight, I pretty much lost all taste for chocolate. I wasn't much of a fan to begin with, but after six years of picking at the bin of reject chocolate in the break room of Chocolate World, forget about it. I couldn't stand another taste.

Well, that was up until I was pregnant with Luke. Since then, I've been a chocoholic. I'm pretty picky, though, about the kind I eat...and coincidentally, I prefer Hershey's. But, my mama took a trip to Altoona to meet my aunt a few weeks ago and brought me back the BEST present ever: Mallo Cups!! The sweet marshmallow center, with the crispy coconutty chocolate shell is, without a doubt, my favorite candy. Hands down. They aren't easy to find (although I have seen them in some Wawas!), but I found them through Amazon in bulk - and am damn tempted to order some more. They're only 60-ish calories a cup, too, so it's a perfect dessert - enough to quell the sweet tooth, but not laden with calories.

My other chocolate obsession includes these two Hershey kisses: mint truffles (of which I bought two bags back in December and have rationed myself so that I can still enjoy some now) and Irish cream (I have to beg, borrow and steal these from Sarah!). I can't even begin to explain the rich, creamy goodness that these embody without sounding pathetic, so I'll leave it up to your imaginations. I'm also dorky enough to seek out the different types of limited edition kisses that Hershey has put out before and was shocked at all the different kinds! I bolded the ones I would seriously give my left arm for. Go ahead and make fun...but if you do, let me know which ones YOU want to try!

* New York Style Cheesecake
* Orange Creme
* Vanilla Creme
* Lemon Creme
* Coconut Creme
* TRIO (dark, milk and white chocolates in one Kiss)
* Chocolate Marshmallow
* Cookies 'n' Creme (has little nonpareil bits - not the same as the European ones, they have little Oreo bits)
* Vanilla Yogurt Creme (not to be confused with the Vanilla Creme)
* Chocolate Truffle
* Mint Truffle
* Special Dark Strawberry
* Champagne Truffle
* Neapolitan (chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors)
* Milk Chocolate Filled with Marshmallow Creme
* Caramel Apple
* Candy Corn
* Pumpkin Spice
* Hot Cocoa Creme
* Candy Cane (Peppermint)
* Chocolate Mint
* Dark Raspberry
* Milk Chocolate Filled with Strawberry Creme
* Chocolate Meltaway (Milk Chocolate with velvety smooth chocolate center)
* Irish Creme (milk chocolate filled with irish creme)
* Buttered Cream
* Espresso

1 comment:

voilamavie said...

Am i not seeing the peanut butter filled kisses? those are yummy!! I cant the coconut ones!
Katie Smallz

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