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Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19 - Restaurant Fest!

The 31st annual Restaurant Fest in West Chester was today, so a few of my mamas and I decided to go. I've never been...and now I know I'll never miss it! We had a BLAST! There were over 50 restaurants from the area and hundreds of craft vendors that lined Gay Street and some of the side streets nearby. It was hella packed, but the crowds were definitely worth it. All of the restaurants offered different dishes from appetizers through desserts, and there were so many different flavors that every palate left satisfied.

We started the day off with shots at Kildare's (they let us use their bathroom, so we felt we just HAD to give them some business?!), then went booth to booth sampling everything from reuben egg rolls, to sausage/spinach/crab stuffed mushroom caps, seafood crepes, chicken satay, hawaiin chicken skewers, "up cakes" (upside down cupcakes...more frosting coverage...brilliant!), kettle corn...the list goes on. We spent some time in the "beer garden" where they served a few different brews and some pinots (both red and white). Naturally we had to add a shot of Jameson to the mix at Landmark, too. It was a fab time with fun friends! Below we all hopped on one of the motorcycles they were raffling off. When Linds saw the picture later, she told me, "mommy - you HAVE to buy a motorcycle so I can ride on it like you, Miss Christy and Miss Sarah!" Suuuuure, kid... ;-)

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