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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vacation Update!

I have so much catching up to do! We've been in Atlantic City for the past four days and have been enjoying lazy days, filled with food, booze, gambling and quality family time. We arrived on Sunday afternoon to the Lucky Beach House and by the time we got there, no one was up for cooking or even going out, so we ordered some pizza from Tony Boloneys - it was some of the best damn pizza I've had! If you check out the site, make sure to look at the "erotic pizza" if you dare...we all looked at them and it gave us a good giggle.

On Monday, we took a stroll along the boardwalk and played a game of mini-golf. We drew names earlier in the day and the winners were allowed to order the losers around the following day - ironically, we all drew our spouses/partners?! Scott and I ruled the course and won by a good 6 strokes. That came in quite handy for Tuesday when I needed some recovery time ;-) After golf, we had a "lupper" at the Rainforest Cafe - I got the guacamole burger (burger, guac, pepperjack cheese and an onion ring) and we all ordered tropical drinks in their cool flashy cups. Totally touristy, but fun!

Yesterday, was a recovery day for me...I was kind of hurtin from Monday's boozey adventure post-Rainforest Cafe, so I just nibbled during the day. That evening we decided to order Chinese and go to town on some lo mein, shrimp with broccoli, General Tso's, beef with broccoli, and egg rolls. After a late-night trip to the Claridge, Zach and Rachel beat us to all of the leftovers...but the boy and I needed to win back our money (which we did!).

Today we're planning to hit the Atlantic City Outlets and maybe do an appetizer feast at Applebee's (they have a super cheap special) and then come home for tropical island drink night. I <3 vacation!!

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