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Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 14 - YP w/ old friends

Tonight was my "mini-reunion" with four old friends from the PHS class of 2000! We're trying to throw together some last minute plans for our 10-year reunion coming up and met at YP. It was an absolute blast to see these ladies! We're all Facebook friends, so we pretty much knew what was going on with each other, but to reconnect and reminisce was fantastic. There were so many great memories I had forgotten about that we were able to laugh about.

Since I was out to eat (garlic and crab pizza, Old Bay fries, and a trip to Friendly's for coffee ice cream with Heath bar god, brings back the post-football Friendly's trip memories!), I didn't cook at all. In fact, I didn't even make something for the boy or kids before I left like I normally do. They ate hot dogs and chips (healthy dad dinner, huh?) and then the boy ate 3/4 of the stromboli I brought back for him. Only one meal left before we leave for vacation, and this one's at my parents' to celebrate my little brother's graduation! No more cooking for another 10 days - WAHOOOO!!

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