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Monday, May 10, 2010

May 9 - Mother's Day Lunch

I had the MOST amazing Mother's Day to date. It was absolutely perfect! I woke up to breakfast in bed (eggs, Grilled Stickies from the Diner, and pineapple juice in a sippy Linds wouldn't spill it as she walked up the stairs :P). Then, we all hung out, played games, took naps, etc. and the best part? Lunch at Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester! It's national hamburger month, so IHB has a special burger each day in celebration. I read about yesterday's burger a few weeks ago and told the boy I wanted to go, and he remembered! It was their Mediterranean burger topped with their hummus (by far my favorite in the area!), cucumber, arugula, mozzarella and balsamic syrup. I hyped it up in my head, so I was hoping not to be disappointed - and I certainly wasn't!

To top it off, both kids were absolute angels during the meal...polite, well-behaved, patient (pretty much the opposite of the kids at the table beside us :-P). Later we had a smaller dinner of tortellini and salads, but IHB was definitely the highlight of the meals yesterday.

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