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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back from vacation!

I'm slowly adjusting back to "real life" after a nice long week at the beach. I must say, it's exhausting going from lazy days of lounging and relaxing back to laundry, dishes, cooking, and solo-parenting. I was so lucky - there were essentially 6 parents for Linds and Luke most of the vacation (my parents, brother and his girlfriend were unbelievably helpful with the kids).

From where I left off last Wednesday, we never made it to Applebee's...we actually went to this amazing waterfront restaurant that was just steps away from our house - Back Bay Ale House. This restaurant had the best chowder and crab skins (potato skins topped with crab) and the drinks were, of course, fabulous! They arrived in 32-oz mason jars and knocked you over after two. Here's the fam during our last dinner of vacation at Back Bay.
So now we're home again...and I desperately need to hit the grocery store!

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