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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A late MM entry

So one of our mamas couldn't make our gathering last Tuesday, but she still sent her recipe in...I'm going to leave her anonymous, but she knows who she is :P Thanks, lady!

Veggie Pizza
  1. Stay up really late to make it because it has to chill for a while and you don't want to be late as usual =)
  2. Go to bed.
  3. Set the alarm to get up earlier than usual because you have to go all the way to Lionville because your dumb ass left your diaper bag (aka, lifeline) at My Gym.  ...and you don't want to be late as usual!
  4. Answer the phone when it rings.  (You can, and should skip this step.)
  5. Hear your mother-in-law (that was supposed to come Monday but didn't because your sister-in-law passed out and then said she was coming early Wednesday morning) say, "good news ~ I'm on my way RIGHT NOW!"
  6. Open the fridge and take a good look at the yummy veggie pizza you made for the friends you were looking forward to hanging out with (finally!!).
  7. Grab a piece.
  8. Start the coffee.
  9. Grab another piece.
  10. Curse the empty liquor cabinet.
  11. Grab another piece.
  12. Sigh and start cleaning.
Best served cold!

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