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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seriously slacking here!

Okay, so I admit it - I've been slacking BIG time on my posts! Summer is just way too busy. I did a lot of stuff last week that I've posted before, so I'm starting fresh. I need to grocery shop, so I think I'll just list what I'm planning to make this week and start fresh. I'm going to try to start shopping for one week at a time (5 meals) because I've noticed I'm throwing away too much food. We need to be better at eating leftovers, using up what we have already stocked up, and getting to the produce before it spoils. Here's what's on the list:
  • Garlic rosemary chicken, rice and carrots
  • Aloha chicken kebabs with corn on the cob
  • Taco salad (made with turkey meat)
  • Pork chops, roasted red garlic potatoes and homemade applesauce
  • Baked potato pizzas and salad (for Friday when our good friends come to visit from Minnesota!)
Grocery shopping is planned for tomorrow night!

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